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Meet jason Kim,
General Manager

Introducing Jason Kim, General Manager with roots from San Diego, California. Venturing beyond my hometown for the first time, I’ve found myself embracing the challenges and opportunities of Azusa.

For nearly a decade, my professional journey has been intertwined with the world of golf, a passion that ignited during my formative years. Within this industry, I’ve discovered not only a career but a profound privilege. My greatest satisfaction comes from cultivating genuine connections with individuals who share a love for the game, fostering friendships that endure beyond the 18th hole.

Beyond the green, my free time finds me engaged in a variety of pursuits: exploring new destinations and hidden gems, building meaningful connections and sharing laughter, embracing the outdoors, and tackling challenges with a hands-on approach to DIY projects.


I look forward to connecting and embarking on new adventures, both on and off the course.